Car Subwoofer

A car subwoofer is more than just an excuse to be mobile while winding up the neighbors. Most install car subwoofer to their car audio system to create a more edgy attitude to their automobile and feel every thud of the bass. It is responsible for reproducing the low pitched frequencies or bass from audio that are played and was first produced in the 1960′s for home audio systems. Car audio subwoofers are placed within an enclosure. The space of the enclosure practically depicts the quality of sound generated by the car subwoofer. These two aspects, the space and enclosure, will affect the performance of the subwoofer installed. If you have restricted space for an enclosure, the car subwoofer that will produce the highest quality sound will depend on the size of that enclosure available.

There are three different types of enclosure that are commonly found in cars and each varies in price, sound quality and volume. First we have a sealed enclosure, this speaks for itself because it’s simply a sealed box for the car subwoofer to be fitted to – these are best for all-round use and they produce very accurate bass to compliment the music. Next up is the ported enclosure – this improves efficiency by adding a vent or ‘port’ to the side of the enclosure. This type of car subwoofer allows far greater volume with less power input and if you are looking for volume over quality, this is your best bet. Finally, bandpass is the combination of a sealed and ported enclosures – a bandpass box comprises a sealed box within a ported enclosure. They are often found to have Plexiglas windows and interior lighting proving to be as much a piece of artwork as a top of the range car subwoofer.


The price of a car subwoofer can vary greatly, with cheap car subwoofers available from secondhand all the way up to premium subwoofers that can be custom made based on your personal taste and car. The selection of car and jackhammer subwoofers sold in the market staggeringly wide and looking for one should be a piece of cake. You can install a cheap car subwoofer made in China or totally pimp your ride with car subwoofers from the likes of MTX, Rockford Fosgate, Alpine, Kenwood and other brands. You can buy a complete car subwoofer package from local car accessory dealers or install a customized sound system from professionals which is more popular and preferred. A medium between the two would be to buy an ‘off the shelf’ car subwoofer and enclosure or have one custom made. Whatever you choose between the two, a car subwoofer system will certainly add that edgy attitude to your vehicle.

Finally it is worth looking at car subwoofer installation. While there are several car subwoofer installation guides available, it is worth noting that when buying a car subwoofer you will need to find an amplifier that can match the impedance of the subwoofer you are buying. The lower the impedance, the lower resistance of the subwoofer and the more power it will receive from the amp. You will need to refer to amp instruction manual to see whether it is able to handle the car subwoofer safely.

If all else fails, you can always ask for advice from the car subwoofer dealer or from expert car Pyramid audio technicians to have your car pimped up the right way.